Date of Issue/February 2021 Issue  Category/New Products

"Vegan Collection 2021 - Life Friendly for both Earth and Me" to Be Held at the Isetan Shinjuku Store

An event entitled "Vegan Collection 2021 - Life Friendly for both Earth and Me" that introduces sweets that do not use animal ingredients for vegans will be held at the Isetan Shinjuku store in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo from January 27 to February 2, organized by Cocowell, a company which imports and sells coconut products, and planned with the cooperation of Veggie Four Peace, a company working to popularize vegans and their lifestyles.
Three popular brands of vegan sweets, "The vegan Marshmallow," "Tidanefa," and "Lynette" will exhibit and sell their proud vegan sweets. Vegan sweets are sweets made without the use of animal ingredients such as eggs, butter, and milk. Vegan is attracting attention also in Japan from the perspective of health consciousness and global environmental protection.

"The vegan Marshmallow" is a patisserie that manufactures and sells vegan sweets with the desire to "make sweets that make people around the world smile". In the event, they will exhibit and sell a limited number of chocolate cakes and strawberry cakes.
"Tidanefa" is a full-fledged vegan French confectionery patisserie. They will sell a limited number of vegan Canelé and vegan scones.
"Lynette" is a vegan sweets brand that is gaining popularity by opening a store in Aoyama Farmers Market every month. They will sell a limited number of vegan chocolate pies and apple pies.

"The vegan Marshmallow" will exhibit and sell strawberry cakes.

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